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...FASHION HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY PASSION ... For over 25 years I have been intensively involved with the topic of fashion. Back then, I was looking for fashion that didn't make me look like everyone else. I searched for a individual Note, after one special Style. When I had found my style, he did not let me go again...

At that time I worked in human resources, later as an IT consultant, but my hobby fashion, from which now a real passion I remained faithful.

I made contacts to designers, visited fashion fairs and was fascinated by the aura, which is created by the fashion world

I already knew then that at some point I'd like to have my own to pass on acquired knowledge to others, to my clientele. I would like to win other women over to my style and advise them on how to I'll be on your side.

It was at this time that the name of my boutique was born. One morning my colleague greeted me with the words: "You are like this in proper style." It struck me like lightning. The word "true to style" went to me I can't get it out of my head. I have myself thereupon directly the Internet address secured.

In the year 2008 I decided to open my own fashion boutique/onlineshop.

My colleagues at that time declared me crazy: "But not at the time in the middle of the economic crisis", "You've got a safe job, don't just throw it away", "It does never work out, never".

For 10 years now I have been successfully running my fashion boutique/my Onlineshop. I have not regretted this decision a day. I am around many experiences and have gotten richer and met many nice people.

A certain moment comes to mind again and again and I enjoy myself always anew:

It is not the art to sell clothes. It is the art of seeing a customer in the mirror of my fashion and re-discover how she stretches a few millimeters and attitude. At this moment I know she has arrived.

That's exactly what success means to me.

your Maria Sladek

Maria Sladek - Stilechtonline